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From: The American Gun Association

Fellow Gun Owner,

How would you like me to send you our most popular AGA Exclusive welcome gift FREE? 

This includes your American Gun Association graphic T-Shirt, Your AGA exclusive hat, your tumbler PLUS 2 mystery gifts you can only get from the AGA. 

Yes. There is a catch, I will need your opinion. (more on that in a moment)
From: The American Gun  Association

Fellow Gun Owner,

How would you like me to send you our most popular AGA Exclusive welcome gift, added to your order FREE? 

This includes your NEW...  
PLUS 2 Exclusive mystery gifts you can only get from the AGA. 

Yes. There is a catch, I will need your opinion. (more on that in a moment)

First, Let me say ...

Congratulations and Welcome to the American Gun Association.

Your welcome pack, basic gift and membership card will ship right away.  

Why would we GIVE you this all of this gear FREE?  

Why would we GIVE you this 
all of this gear FREE?  

We need people like you in the leadership of the AGA and we need you to tell your friends about it.

When you join the AGA as an Elite member now you’ll get your free gear kit....PLUS...
You Could Get Another $600+ In Free Gear This Year Alone, Plus Members Only Discounts
You'll Get the Chance To Claim over $50 in Free Gear Every Month
And that’s not all…

We need you to test and review more gear monthly…

How would you like me to send you one of those amazing CREE tactical flashlights you see on TV.

To review and KEEP free forever?

How about a new air pistol...
Elite Members Get First Right To Test The Best Most Expensive Gear
A new range bag....
Some Even Send In Video Reviews For Their Fellow Members
 or even a tactical axe, all yours to keep?
Many Items Get "Claimed Out" By Elite Members Before Regular Members Even See Them
What's the catch?

All I ask in return is for you to fill out a prepaid postcard and tell us how well the gear we sent you performed. 

Then you KEEP whatever you reviewed FREE!

Testing tactical gear and keeping it FREE is one of many benefits of AGA “ELITE” status.

Today, it’s our pleasure to inform you that your membership application is already pre-approved.

All you do is say "yes" below (more on that in a moment)
The AGA, founded by upright citizens like you is now 64,000+ members strong.

AGA members share genuine concerns about protecting our families and our right to bear arms. 

We are the largest group of our kind on earth. 

For our members, the AGA is a community.

It's a way for us to share our combined knowledge and express our frustrations.

We swap tricks, hacks and techniques that make us all safer.

This club is not for the selfish or those out only for their own benefit.

We are a family.

We understand there is strength in numbers and together we are an unstoppable force.

Soon, you’ll enjoy great benefits and privileges of AGA “ELITE” membership, for example: 
Benefit #1 Test New Weapons, Tactical and Self Defense Gear, Then Keep it FREE!:
I know I’ve already mentioned this benefit, but let me explain how it works. 

As an ELITE member you’ll test and review tactical gear that we get sent from top manufacturers. 

We will forward the gear you request to test to you on a first come first serve basis (you only cover postage). 

Next use it, test it, TRY to break it and let us know what you think on a pre-addressed paid postcard. 

That’s it. The gear is yours to keep 100% FREE!
Benefit #2 Free Gun Accessory and Supply Give Aways: 
Even MORE free stuff for you. 

The AGA is fortunate to have products donated by manufacturers on a regular basis.

These companies are eager to let our members try their products, so we pass them along to You, FREE! 

Last year our 64,000+ members shared over 355,000 total items, all FREE! (members cover postage only)

There are no strings attached. 

Everything from tactical blades to gun safes, firearms trainings and crossbows. It seems like there is always something EVERY month worth at LEAST $50.
Benefit #3 Get the "American Gun Owner" Newsletter Delivered To Your Door Monthly
Delivered every month to your door, you’ll receive our members only print newsletter. “The Prepared American”

The most informative publication on gun safety and training in the world.

and... it’s a well kept secret. 

It’s NOT sold on news stands or published anywhere on the internet.

Every page is filled with expert content written, created and illustrated by experts.

Many are first responders, military, CIA and even Navy Seal personnel.

All teaching you new skills, secrets, hacks and tactics.
Benefit #4 Monthly Member Only Discounts Through Abenity
As a member of the American Gun Association, you'll receive access to our exclusive Abenity Portal. Here you'll get discounts to all kinds of services!

Things like:
  • Oil changes and car repairs
  • ​Groceries
  • Car rentals 
  • Hotels and attractions
  • ​Gym and fitness studio memberships
  • ​Movie tickets
  • ​Sporting event tickets
These savings alone are worth joining for!

This list of discounts is updated monthly, so check back often to see what's new and exciting!
Benefit #5 Access to Exclusive Members Area and Course Library
Inside the private members area there are countless courses from firearm storage, to accuracy to fitness and strength!

We are constantly adding new courses and training created by industry leaders, so that our members have access to the best information possible!

We'll notify you when new courses become available so that you never miss one!
Benefit #6 Instant UNLIMITED access to our private AGA online group.
You’ll get INSTANT unlimited access to our private AGA members community. As a member, the group is yours to access 24/7, chat with friends, share info or be a fly-on-the-wall and learn.

The group is where we announce new gear for testing and free giveaways.

You’ll want to check in often
Benefit #7 Your Free Welcome Aboard AGA Exclusive Gifts
Like I said earlier when you join us today we will rush you the Elite Welcome Gifts pictured below.
There is SO Much You Can Do As An
 AGA Elite Member
  • Write for our newsletter.
  • ​Get "First Look" access to video courses and trainings.
  • ​Read best selling books & reports FREE
  • Join fellow members on field trips and special events. 
Today EVERYTHING is FREE When You Join As"Elite" Status Risk Free!
Yes, Today everything is 100% FREE when you join as an ELITE member today! 

Your small monthly dues are all it takes to run the organization.

How small?

Just $17 per month or about .56 a day.

You get everything, all the benefits, privileges and over $600 in gifts your first year alone.

All for pennies.
"How Can We Give You All This And Not Go Flat Broke"
Why so little?


Allow me to explain.

Responsible citizens, people like you are valuable to companies.

Companies who manufacture tactical gear, gun supplies, courses, books and more. 

They want your attention, they want your opinion and they need your word of mouth advertising.

That’s why they make donations of gear to the AGA.

That's why it's possible for us to basically GIVE you membership.

It's next to nothing compared to all that you get in return.

Meanwhile your dues help the AGA to uphold our members “BILL OF RIGHTS”.
American Gun Association
 Members Bill Of Rights

We believe in honor,  good citizenship and trust.

We stand for protecting our families, friends, communities and our country, no matter the cost.

The AGA promises to always...
  • Protect Our Members Families
  •  Support our Second Amendment Rights,
  • Provide a Safe Community
  • ​Get you the Best Tools and Gun Accessories
  • ​Advance You in Skill & Rank
  •  Build a Movement of Americans Towards Safe Gun Ownership
Join Us and Become Part of a 64,000+ American Citizen Movement
Your time to act is now.

I must warn you. 

You only have minutes left to reply to our invitation. 

Club rules state once this invitation has expired we must withdraw your nomination. 

Your ELITE status pre-approval will be revoked...

...and your gifts and benefits will be forfeited and offered to the next qualified person. 

So please don’t delay and miss out.

Click the button below now to RSVP.

Thanks and Welcome,

Tim Larkin
American Gun Association
Plus: Get At LEAST $50 in FREE Gear
Every Month
a LOT More
Plus: Get At LEAST $50 in FREE Gear Every Month a LOT More
  • $50+ FREE tactical gear each month (Just Cover Postage)
  • ​Our PHYSICAL print newsletter delivered to your home every month
  • Our complete gun training and safety video, book, and audio LIBRARY 
  • Plus your own AGA Exclusive Welcome Kit! 
YES! I Want To Join The AGA And Get My FREE Patriot Pack Today!
I accept my nomination to be an "ELITE" member in the American Gun Association. I understand that I get everything listed above absolutely free plus my free welcome gift!
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I understand that everything today is FREE when I join the AGA as an ELITE member for just $17/mo. I also know I can cancel at any time at 512-900-3151 or
P.S. Start enjoying your membership today. Claim your first exclusive member benefit on the next page when you hit the next step button below now.

P.P.S. Remember you are about to receive everything listed above today. Plus you'll get over $600 in giveaways over the next year. And... you'll have many chances to review big ticket tactical gear that you get to keep FREE. 

P.P.P.S. This is your last chance, time is running out and supplies are very limited. 
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